"Hello! My name is Rachelle Boyd-Huff and I have been with C&S Staffing for 3 months. It is the absolute best company that I have ever worked for. It truly feels like this company is made up of family . I have 5 children (3) of which are home and actively involved in sports, robotics, Boy Scouts,Student Counsel, and Ministry. I care for my sick father in law, and I am in school working on my Masters. This job allows me the flexibility that I need, provides me the knowledge and resources that I need to do my job and the ability to meet my financial needs. The owners and upper management are very approachable and willing to help. This is a great place to call home so please come bring your talents and ability to serve and come join this great company.


"I have been in the nursing field for over 25 years. I have worked for other companies and C&S Staffing is by far my best working experience. I have worked for C&S Staffing for almost five years and I can honestly say that we have a very supportive and caring management team who truly want to see you succeed. Our owner is very hands on and intimately involved in the day to day operations of the company. She and the other members of the management team are all willing to go the extra mile to first and foremost ensure that the needs of our members are being met and this includes making time for home visits themselves! Nothing can be more frustrating than having questions or concerns and not having someone to discuss those concerns and questions with, but at C&S Staffing there is always someone available to assist you in those times of need or concern. I feel very rewarded by the job that I do as well as have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day knowing that we, as a team, have put our best foot forward and done our best to help improve our members outcomes."


"HI Team! I'm Katie one of the Texas managers. I have been with C&S Staffing, LLC for three years now, and I don't plan on going anywhere! I have never worked for a company who has shown more support and compassion. To know that there is a team in place for support, no matter the situation, is a pretty special find. The Care Managers are the backbone of our team, and it is wonderful to hear stories daily about how they change our member's lives. This job doesn't always feel like traditional nursing, but we are that special side of the profession. We get to make a difference every single day."


"Hi! My name is Shelly and I have been with C & S Staffing for over 3 years now! It has been the most exciting and rewarding job of my 25 years of nursing! Not only do I love my job, I truly love the people! Even though I have not met everyone at C & S Staffing, it feels as though I have because of the kindness and support that you receive as an employee of C & S Staffing! The owners, managers and employees are amazing people and I am proud to be part of this awesome TEAM!"


"Hello!! I am Kristy, I have been with C&S for almost 5 years. The team work that is displayed daily never ceases to amaze me here! I started as a field CM and now assist with training new hires and manage 4 states, and I love helping everyone each day!! C&S has given so many opportunities to myself and others, combining work and life in each day!! I am thankful for the opportunities I have been given!! I have seen first hand how C&S has changed so many lives, and what a blessing it is to many!! I am thankful!!"


"I have been with C&S Staffing for almost 5 years now and I can honestly say I’m a lifer. Like most I was skeptical at first, too good to be true right? The answer is No, I’ve never looked back! I’ve never worked for such a high integrity, supportive and respectable company before. Teamwork is the ultimate key and that is exactly what you get here! We’re the best tight knit work family that I could ask for in this life. I see so many CM’s changing lives on a daily basis and it has forever changed us too, I know it has me! We can make a difference, every single day in this job. Who wouldn’t want to be a small part with us yet make such a huge impact?!? I’m am blessed beyond measure to be a part of this team."


"Hello! I am Tenisha Greunke and I have been with C&S for 5 years. I have been in just about every role here from field care manager, to auditor, to area manager, to state manager...I will say that I love the team atmosphere of this job probably the most!! I love that we support each other, help each other learn, and are proud to see others succeed here. You will never find a more caring group of co-workers anywhere else! I am also very competitive and love being a part of a team that is Ranked #1 in so many different areas. We work hard here. We make goals and we SMASH them! Just good enough is never okay here- we continually strive for better. I love being a part of a team that takes so much pride in their work!"


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